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If my wardrobe might magically fill itself with well-fitted (pressed!) clothes that fit my shape as well as whims without me ever having to set foot into an clothing store, I would be a extremely pleased girl. I dislike shopping; I like having adorable stuff however not all the choosing as well as sore feet that goes together with it.

I likewise want all new clothes. complying with about eight years of acquiring as well as losing 50 pounds in the name of building my family, I feel like I are worthy of it. (Money, we will speak of you one more day. A woman is enabled to want things.) Realistically, I want to prune out the clothes that don’t fit me as well as strategically purchase traditional pieces I will love. however what? So that’s my dilemma.

Step One: Speed-pinning. I was trying to comply with Shana’s technique for finding my personal style by speed-pinning whatever I like from any type of source, however I lost patience as well as rate of interest around step Two. (If you have time, you ought to completely try her process!) I wound up with a board stuffed full of “what I believe looks cool” without regard for cost or practicality.

So, yeah, it’s a great deal much more gowns than I wear in genuine life however it definitely shows a pattern. Ha ha. Patterns.


While producing a visual motivation board of garments I like did not make Zooey Deschanel appear on my doorstep with a bag of stuff to try on, the exercise was worthwhile. Here’s exactly how my style Pinterest board has assisted me:

Remembering what I like. With my style board around, I can be influenced by buddies as well as strangers as well as not fail to remember those fleeting thoughts. I have a location to save my concepts like “I like these red shoes” or “Must wear much more A-line dresses” (this is where Whitney would like to me make a note to self about a brown cardigan that is much more present than Y2K. Ha, I like that sweater!). just producing a board is the very first step toward figuring out what I’d like to add to my wardrobe. I can “me too” with a click of the mouse by repinning my well-dressed friends.

Speed up my genuine life shopping. soon after this exercise, I walked into a shop with Whitney as well as invited the sales person to comprehend my fashion really hopes as well as dreams as well as make them come true by flashing my Pinterest iphone app in her face. Immediately, she might look past my Old Navy denim as well as see the type of things I truly like. She brought me adorable stuff while I sat there snacking in the fitting room. quite simple as well as successful. Score.

Remove pain from my husband’s holiday shopping. My outstanding hubby hates buying so much he makes me look like I like it. however armed with a link to my board, he, too, was able to look around as well as see what I’m wishing for without having to take my girlfriends into a store. Nevermind, he stated he didn’t even look at it.

And here’s where I still feel stuck: I work from home, sometimes going to in person meetings as well as conferences, as well as ideally on a date with my hubby when a week. Yet, I keep pinning 40s-inspired frocks as if I work in a Los Angeles graphic style studio. It’s both as well chilly as well as as well laid-back to wear such gowns on a everyday basis in my present life. So here’s the difficulty I’m now issuing myself: What do I want to wear at 10 am on a Tuesday?

Do I requirement a separate board for this? A 10 AM Tuesday Pinterest board? What do you typically wear at 10 on a Tuesday? will you share it with me on Pinterest?

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