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When I wrote about the Fisher price Apptivity seat, the one that enables you to place an iPad in front of an infant’s face while he or she is in the seat, a commenter responded to the effect of, “This is 2014. get used to the screen.”

Okay. I’ll try. No freaking way.

Here are some other things new parents do in 2014 that I’m truly open to getting used to.

1. Encapsulating placenta. through interviewing a elegant rookie mom, I learned that digesting encapsulated placenta can help fight postpartum depression. This is good news!

photo by means of, courtesy Tara Carpenter

2. Sharing before and after postpartum photos on Instagram. whenever I explore the hashtag #newmom on Instagram, I am shocked by the number of women who are creating side-by-side images of themselves near-naked right away after delivery and then a few weeks or months after. maybe these photos are all seeded by the weight loss industry, but lots of of them seem legit. Is this a Thing?

3. Baby-led weaning. While feeding baby has been made a lot more convenient with all the pouches of pureed food, plenty of parents are feeding their babes regular old table food as they become ready. but now it has a name. It’s not called “feeding your baby what you have made for lunch,” but rather, “Baby-Led Weaning”. (More about Baby-led Weaning here.)

4. The obsession with having It All. Books, articles, graduation speeches addressing women and whether or not it’s possible to take pleasure in a fulfilling occupation and parenthood at the same time. I hope this dialogue all adds up to policy change that supports parents in any way levels of income to have it all. Or to at least have some of what they want. Lean In?

5. Smash cakes for 1-year old parties. A separate dessert for the birthday baby, who can make with it what she pleases, mostly created for a photo opp. The real cake will be sliced and served in the standard fashion.

Photo Credit: Jana Rae Photography1 by means of Compfight cc

6. designer strollers that cost a lot more than $700. Feature-rich baby buggies are worth as much as parents are ready to pay for them, which turns out to be a lot. When I saw Heather’s authentic jaw-drop in admiration of the 4moms Origami stroller, which folds itself and charges your cell phone while you walk, I was convinced. These are like tiny automobiles for urban parents.

7. professional maternity photo shoots. photo or it didn’t happen?

photo credit: Laura Turbow

8. video monitors. We like to enjoy them sleep. and the technology is there. Why not?

(This Motorola monitor is highly rated on Amazon and currently less than $200.)

9. Amazon Mom. speaking of Amazon, any individual who’s downloaded the Amazon app knows that ordering problem-solving products with your thumb while feeding your baby by the light of a smart phone can supply the utmost multi-tasking high. Signing up for Amazon mommy (free PRIME for parents) gives you tons of discounts on baby items, including diapers and wipes to which you can “subscribe”, and complimentary two-day shipping. Heather reports her hazy postpartum days included lots of packages arriving to her delight, having entirely forgotten the buy she placed. “Set it and forget it,” is her mantra on diaper delivery.

10. Social media-worthy pregnancy announcements. The stakes are heightened. women are no longer emailing their ten best pals to announce pregnancies. There has to be an impossibly cute image to opt for it. Is it too much pressure? Well, it’s fun to look at.

(photo source)

photo courtesy D. Ochoa

What did I miss?

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