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I picked up my Roomba for $25 at a preschool yard sale, and I love it! though I’m not sure I would pay full price for it, I would gratefully accept one as a gift. let me tell you why I flipping love a little robot vacuum for pregnant ladies and new moms.


When I was pregnant, I wanted clean and order. But, I felt like my condition was too delicate to be hauling around a vacuum cleaner so I was continuously wishing and nagging that my spouse would run the vacuum. bothersome for both of us. With the Roomba, I can just push a button and leave the room. and preggos, you can use your toe to start it rather than bending over. just have someone else dump the dustbin. Awesome.

As a new mom, I wanted clean carpets so that my young boys wouldn’t eat dirt and crap off the carpet. but who has time to vacuum? Or interest? amazing that I can just leave the room and come back to a cleaner room.

With preschoolers, the Roomba is like a fun pet for them to chase and hide from. A pet that doesn’t make it’s own mess. Wondrous.

It works terrific for my house because it is a small bungalow on one floor. I  build walls around the rooms where I want the Roomba to stay (or rely on the laser-beam walls that came with my model). It might not be useful for families with a much more vertical configuration.

Here’s a link to the best-selling robot vacuum on Amazon. Or try to pick up a used one Craig’s list or eBay (I will tell you that we replaced the battery and all the brushes)!

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