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Those who follow this blog know that I love a good pamper day and that’s exactly what I had last week thanks to new luxe salon Allertons in Leeds!

Let me start by mentioning how lovely it was to attend a beauty bloggers day held in Leeds for a change as all my invites tend to be London based but things are a-changing and Yorkshire is where it’s at folks

… substantial thanks to the fabulous Kellie of Big Fashionista for inviting me along to the event where I received a complimentary blow dry (blow wave for my us readers), mani and Italian lunch!

Here I am with gorgeous Kellie of big Fashionista fame rocking her stunning blow wave!

…Set in a chic, plush store in the Light shopping Centre, bang in the centre of town, Allertons is your one-stop (luxe) shop for all your hair and beauty needs.

Open 7 days a week and unlike anywhere else I can think of, you can have all your hair and beauty appointments in one full swoop, and they’ll even cover your vehicle parking for 1 hour treatments and more. amazing huh and optimal for party season where you can leave work, go get prettied up and party!

Allertons is a destination salon, the only one in Leeds to stock the whole Paul & Joe beauty range (among other exclusives) and the first to offer my favourite French brand Caudalie in their beauty room services.

Back to the beauty bloggers day..

…I wasn’t originally taking Alexander, 2 along but he cried for me when I dropped him at my Mum’s so I thought we’d pop in together. I didn’t actually realise I was going to be getting a blow dry but as he was so well behaved, I went for it.

Thanks Allertons for making us both feel so welcome.. a slick, professional joint they truly care about their customers’ needs offering luxurious, relaxing and cutting edge treatments you’ll struggle to find anywhere else for both men and women…It was also fab to meet fellow British Greek Cypriot Nick, the Managing director of Allertons-the brains behind the business, a caring, passionate man about all things beauty and the one who is steering this salon to success!

Now onto my hair-

A regular blow-dry lover, I know a terrific one when I see (and feel) it and this was utterly PERFECT-a Hollywood blow dry as I call it (not the official technical-ha)- blown with big brushes and pinned up to hold my curls, it left my hair silky smooth and lasted all week long!

…My Paul & Joe mani in vibrant orange (which you can spot below) hasn’t chipped yet and it’s not a gel colour either! quality treatments that last!

I’m so pleased with my big bouncy blow wave (thanks to my lovely and talented stylist Katie above), I left feeling a million dollars. I’ll definitely be back!

Disclaimer, I did take Alexander for some Nando’s on the ground floor as soon as we finished.

…And when we got home, my little cutie kept playing with my hair and saying, “me, hairdresser” so it seems we both enjoyed the beauty day! Phew!

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