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There are a couple things about milkshakes that Julian really liked when he was a toddler. Drinking with a straw is one of them. enjoying me make it is the other part. What I liked about the smoothies I made him is that he was getting milk and the magic superfood blueberries at the same time. reward that none of it went on the floor because he’s was so captivated by the straw experience.

The crucial to my smoothies is the Kitchenaid stick mixer, also known as an immersion blender. This takes two seconds to clean and there is no set up. This is a helpful tool for all baby food making. I have a phobia of blenders and food processors, though, so if you have confidence with your appliances, you might not need an immersion blender.

Oh wait, the other crucial to my milkshake is frozen organic strawberries. get them. It helps to have something frozen in your shake to give it a little froth. For those who think ahead, you could keep banana in the freezer. just make sure to peel it before you store it.

How to make the shake: put about 10 frozen strawberries, a cup of milk, a handful of blueberries and a banana into a container. Blend. pour into child-friendly cup and add a straw. add a second straw for extra fun.

Since I originally experienced diy smoothie-making, the world has changed. I don’t make smoothies with my smart phone (yet), but the trend of throwing a handful of spinach in your smoothie has exploded. people are drinking their vegetables at 7 am like it ain’t no thing. I’ve been experimenting with this, and I think it’s a great trick for kids who don’t like green veggies. Kiwi and banana overpower the spinach, so the taste is not much of an issue. And, getting your kid hooked on green as an aesthetically acceptable food color early in life seems wise.

See family Sponge for tons of green smoothie info. The pretty photo above belongs to them.

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