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In the beginning, Whit and I both struggled a fair amount with breastfeeding before getting into the groove. We were told that if it hurt, we must be doing it wrong. yeah yeah whatever. now we believe that in the first few weeks, it hurts a fair amount even if you’re doing it right.

But if you’re a celebrity, you might time childbirth and breastfeeding just right to have huge knockers for the golden globe awards (Mary-Louise Parker), nurse on the cover of a major magazine (Angelina Jolie), tell Jay Leno you can shoot breast milk across a room and “hit the wall from quite a distance” (Kate Beckinsdale), or explain to David Letterman what it feels like to be a cow (Naomi Watts below).

I don’t know about you, but when my baby was two weeks old, I was just figuring it all out in the privacy of my glider strapped inside My Brest Friend

, drinking ice water from a straw, with all of my remote controls in arm’s reach.

TV guide has a round-up of eight celebrity breastfeeding stories. Enjoy!

[post inspired by Andi at MamaKnowsBreast and author of mama knows Breast: a beginners guide to Breastfeeding]

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