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I’m in a Facebook group with a bunch of other creative professionals, many of whom make beautiful, handcrafted goods, so I invited them to share their costume accomplishments with us. have a look at these adorable costumes for toddlers and preschoolers, plus check out these strange costumes from my pal at all for the Boys.

Leigh actually sells the items her son Isaac is wearing in this photo. find her on etsy!

crowns and capes sold on tiny antlers

I like the crown, cape, and horse combo for a sensitive kid who may not tolerate more of a costume. With a few accessories, he can feel in control of what he’s wearing.

Artist and mom Mari (don’t miss her painting work) made this adorable monster truck…

… and this robot that LIGHTS UP!

This school boy-wizard has a simple homemade tunic, a store-bought witch hat, and a chopstick-turned-magic wand. The key to his pulled together look is the white collar and tie peeking out. Well done, Rachel!

wizard costume from the barefoot crafter

Another magic costume: this white bunny is being worn in a front carrier by magician mama, but it appears that she’s being pulled out of a hat. terrific work integrating the Ergo carrier, Jennifer! (See more baby carrier costumes here.)

mama jennifer owns etsy shop committed – adorable gifts for new moms

And happily ever after, this little Cinderella is wearing a costume her mom sewed BY HAND! mom is Fairy Godmother and Dada is prince Charming, of course.

mom owns gorgeous party boutique bfestive

Did you make a amazing costume? See more Halloween ideas in our annual Halloween guide for babies and Toddlers.

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