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how to get Boogers out of Baby’s Nose? (Isn’t parenthood so glamorous?) have you ever thought about how your baby would get those uneasy boogies out of their nose? It’s uneasy to have something in your nose, so let’s talk about how we can save our babies from those unwanted boogies. 

The Bulb-  The classic way for how to get Boogers out of Baby’s Nose

This thing has been the answer to how to clean a baby’s nose for decades and there’s a reason why. It works! lots of hospitals send these things home with new parents because newborns have so much mucus in their noses and because these things have stood the test of time.

The rubber nasal bulb is a soft rubber tool that is shaped like a balloon with a pointed tip. To use the bulb, you squeeze the balloon or bulb part to get all of the air out of it, gently insert the small idea into the baby’s nose, and then slowly release the bulb and allow it to suction all of the gunk out of your baby’s nose.

Take the idea out of your baby’s nose, squeeze the gunk onto a tissue and repeat the process on the other nostril. Make sure that you are doing this when the baby is calm and lying on their back or side.

Your baby might not like this, and that’s absolutely understandable. I don’t think any individual wants something to put up their noses, but this technique does work.

A new great tool To clean A Baby’s Ears & Nose

New parents love oogiebear because they make it easy to safely & successfully remove stubborn sticky mucus and dry boogers from little noses (it also works great for little ears too!). When combined with the oogie nose balm, the two become the utmost baby nose and ear care routine for parents-on-the-go!

The patented bear head design on the oogiebear makes sure that the ends will not go too far into baby’s nose or ears and the soft rubber scoop and loop are specially created to be gentle enough baby’s skin! 

oogiebear’s formula is USDA certified organic and made by a cold-pressed method to make sure that all of the natural compounds stay intact from when the balm is first pressed -right down to the last swipe.  This genuinely is the easiest way to clean your baby’s nose.

Overall, clean your baby’s nose just like you clean everything else on your baby: gently. Their little bodies are so sensitive and tiny, so take time and care in cleaning them. If you ever have any questions about what to do, ask the pediatrician. Pediatricians hear all sorts of questions and concerns; your questions and worries will not be the first time they’ve heard them or the last. Parenting is hard, but you’ve got this!

Suck it out with a NoseFrida

I’m not going to lie, when I saw this, I said that’s a hard pass for me. but some of my mommy friends, vow by it.   The Nose Frida is along the same lines as the nasal bulb, but this requires a strong stomach and a strong desire to really help your baby.

The Nose Frida is generally a snot sucker where you put one end of a tube to your baby’s nostril and the other end of the tube in your mouth. Now, before you throw in the towel and gag at the thought of this, there is a hygiene filter between your mouth and the baby’s nose. This filter prevents the boogies and germs from going into your mouth. (Thank goodness)

Nose Frida also uses a nasal saline spray to help loosen the mucus in your baby’s nose and get it out.

Try a Saline Spray

Another great option for how to get Boogers out of Baby’s Nose is a Saline spray. Saline spray is beneficial in helping loosen mucus from your baby’s nose to help the mucus come out.

When using a saline spray, be sure to use one that is specifically made for babies. Some nasal sprays have medicine and other additives in them that you shouldn’t use on a baby. Also, the baby nasal saline spray is going to have a smaller idea on the bottle, making it much easier to fit into your baby’s nostril.

When the baby is calm and lying on their back, gently squeeze two or three drops of saline spray into each nostril. It’s ok if some drips out of their nose. just wipe it off. If you can, keep your baby lying down for a minute after you used the spray.

This will give it a chance to really get in there and get to work. If your baby is fussy and upset after using the spray, pick them up and console them. If the spray comes out, don’t panic. some of the spray got in there and must still work.

With time, the gunk in your baby’s nose must start to come out. If you can see that the mucous has loosened up, try using the nasal bulb to finish the job. It’s oddly satisfying cleaning out all of that gunk from your baby’s nose!

Make it Steamy 

Have you ever taken a hot shower when you’re sick just to clear your nose and chest out? We can kind of do this for our baby’s too. If your baby is incredibly congested and stuffy, go in the shower room and turn the shower on as hot as it will go.

DO NOT get IN THE shower WITH YOUR BABY. simply hold your baby and just hang out in the shower room while the steam surrounds you and the baby. This is an easy way to clear out and clean your baby’s nose when they have a cold. The steam will help release the mucous and ease the congestion in your baby.

Don’t stay in the shower room too long though; you don’t want your baby to get overheated.

Invest in a cool Air Humidifier or Diffuser

If you haven’t noticed, there’s kind of a theme here: moisture! moisture helps ease congestion and clear our noses. during the day and at night, use a cool air humidifier to add moisture to the air and help ease your baby’s congestion.

This is a preventive way to keep your baby’s nose clean. Vick’s makes a cool-mist humidifier for babies. Not only does it have cool mist, but it also comes with Vicks VapoPads which adds the Vicks smells that we all know and love to help clear up congestion. If you don’t want the Vicks smell, try the Crane Ultrasonic cool mist Humidifier.

You can also use an essential oil diffuser. There are so lots of different diffusers out there. this one is great for babies. 

When using essential oils around baby’s, do your research first. Lavender and chamomile are pretty safe to use around babies of all ages, just be sure not to use too much. As your baby gets older, you can use other oils to help ease congestion.  

Elevate the Head of the Mattress

This must only be done when the baby is not mobile. If your baby isn’t rolling over or crawling, simply put a small pillow or folded towel under the head of the mattress. let me say that again: the pillow or towel goes UNDER the mattress.

This just raises the head of the mattress ever so slightly to help the mucus drain while they sleep. we all sleep better when our heads are elevated when we’re sick, so this makes sense for when our babies are sick too. If your baby is rolling or crawling, don’t do this. Your baby might roll to the foot of the crib and get stuck in an uneasy position.

There are so lots of different ways to clean the gunk out of your baby’s nose. try one method or try them all. As you try them out, you’ll see what works for your baby. Can you muster up the courage to suck the snot out of your baby’s nose or will you let a humidifier do the job? No judgment here. Your baby is just delighted you’re there!

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