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I choose to believe that this year of ’13 will be incredibly lucky, and I wish you the same. Because, people, I’m gonna be FORTY so it can’t not be awesome.

Inspired by my pal Sarah, I’m adding fortune cookies to my standard new Year’s Eve to put everyone in the mood for an enlightened year. I will let my kids sample a few before bed — even in some chocolate fondue! — then try to make it to midnight munching on different futures and cryptic bits of wisdom.

I’ll be tweeting them at #newyearfortune unless I forget. join me?

If you’re a parent of small people struggling to carve out some new traditions, we came up with some pretty durn good NYE ideas for kids from infant to teen over on Homemade Simple. lots of of them stuff you already have in the house.

[Photo of me and my fortune parking space was taken by W. Moss; the picture of my cookies was taken by me]

By bnnxq

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