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I sat down to compose an essay for the e-book “Stories I’ve only told my Mom” as well as I struggled. I was aiming to file a personal experience between myself as well as my mom — one that was telling about our relationship. What might I talk about that wouldn’t excessively embarrass one of us?

Hmmm, I stared at a blank screen for a while. then I started writing. bit stories, huge stories, emotions, stuff I completely wouldn’t share, as well as stuff that made me laugh poured into my small laptop.

Though aiming for a 750-word essay, I was now staring at 2,400 words. Oops. My two trusted editors, Alec as well as Whitney, assisted me discover the one funny, telling (but not as well telling) story in the bunch.

My short story is about a extremely special day in eighth grade that I’ve relived over as well as over for years. as well as about my mom’s unwavering generosity as well as creativity. as well as yes, it’s less than 1000 words.

And now? Well now my bit story, much more Than a poor Hair Day, is all grown up. It is part of a 16-essay anthology, compiled by Sarah Bryden-Brown, together with outstanding writers sharing their own poignant, thought-provoking, as well as sometimes funny short stories for their mothers.

Awesome, right? Please purchase it for yourself, your girlfriends, as well as your own moms! For $4.99, you can get it on any type of digital platform or even print out the pdf as well as tie it with a ribbon. Or directly on Kindle.

Who else is in there? These fine women:

Laura Mayes  – blog con Queso
Susan Petersen – Freshly Picked
Meg Keene – useful Wedding, Reclaiming Wife
Katie Allison Granju -
Amber Doty – The everyday Doty
Heather Spohr – The Spohrs Are Multiplying
Catherine Connors – Her poor Mother
Brittany Gibbons -  Barefoot Foodie
Michelle Horton – early Mama
Meagan Francis – The Happiest Mom
Monica Bielanko – The woman Who
Liz Stanley – state indeed To Hoboken
Amy Thompson – Progressive Pioneer
Jane Roper
Erin Loechner – style for Mankind

I’m extremely happy to be included among them. I hope my mom will be happy too.

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